Save time designing your app screenshots

Vuzers’s Preview Builder helps you create beautiful, custom images for your App Store and Play Store pages and export them in all resolutions.

Design stunning images using our easy-to-use editor.


Show your app to the world.

Customized images For App Store and Play Store


Match it to your App Design.

Create awesome designs with our range of premium templates.


No need to be a Master in Graphic Design.

Export in all device sizes.


Because your time is precious. That's what it's all about.

Yeah. OK. But what is Vuzers’ Preview Builder?

It all comes down to make your mobile makers’ life easier.

Preview Builder is a web-based editor to create, edit, customize and export your app previews for both the App Store and Play Store pages.

Our vision starts with this single useful tool, but it extends well beyond that. We work hard on a toolbox to reimagine how Mobile Makers use their time and effort, so they can spend time on high-value work.

Our idea is to create a toolbox that makes mobile app management much easier, a first step along the way to better managing your time. The set of tools will pull together every stage of the app lifecycle – designing screenshots, landing pages, collecting user feedback, managing ratings and reviews – and will put it into a smart all-in-one solution. Read more about our vision or get early access now – it’s free.


  • ✔︎ Unlimited Preview Sets
  • ✔︎ Design for Both iOS & Android
  • ✔︎ iPad & Android Tablet Devices
  • ✔︎ Export in all Device Sizes
  • ✔︎ Export in High Resolution PNG
  • ✔︎ Premium Templates, Device and Background images
  • ✔︎ Customize your own Background image, Color and Font
  • ✔︎ Save Unlimited Projects
  • ✔︎ No watermarks